Do I Need An Oral Cancer Screening If I Don’t Smoke?

Yes it is mandatory because nowadays cancer is spreading very fast every four person out of ten people diagnosed as different kinds of cancer. According to the survey oral cancer claims one death after every one hour. In addition 50% of people diagnosed as a oral cancer and usually they do not live more than five years.

The Oral foundation conducting survey and making an advertisement on this issue to aware people to check up their oral health after every month to prevent from severe life threatening disease.

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

2nd Hand smoke

Human Papilloma Virus

Excessive alcohol consumption

Genetic predisposition

Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

It is mandatory for all to check up yourself to the doctor if you have any kind of problem if it is diagnosed at early stages it could be treated otherwise it is not curable.

New lumps or bumps in oral facial soft tissue

Changes in the texture of soft tissue

Red, White or discolored soft tissue

Hoarse voice or sore throat

Swollen lymph nodes

Oral Cancer Screening

Mostly Dentist perform scanning for oral cancer. The dentist who see the patiently after every six months they will know the condition of the patient mostly. The Velscope  system allows a dentist to diagnose oral cancer at a very early stage.

Meet the Centre Cosmetic Dentistry

Due to the advancement in technology dentist introduce a new treatment for the oral health specially cosmetic surgeries are availableand people nowadays spent a lot of money on their outlook to look good in appearance.

Because everyone have the right to take care of their faces, in the past it was uncommon people were not aware of this and they were usually least bother about this.

Basically the main purpose of sharing the information with you people is just to aware about the consequences you have to face if you are neglecting your health. Every disease specially cancer starts from your bad oral. First of all it will damage your mouth then it will damage your liver and it will affect your stomach as well. So the mandatory part is this if you have any kind of problem related to your mouth straightaway go to the dentist without wasting your time because it is very harmful to your health and also life threatening.

The major part is this survey the authorize and proper dental surgeon required for the checkup because un qualified doctors while treating they will damage another thing it is also life threatening.

The vital point is that pay attention on your hygiene because it also plays a role in it. Brush your teeth properly and thrice a day means after every meal it will prevent you from disease. Use a good quality tooth brush and tooth paste. Wash your hands with the good soap it shows how clean you to yourself.

Mouth cancer / oral are very common nowadays. If you really want to care yourself and step back from suffering of any major disease do not drink water from anywhere. If you are a smoker do not fire the cigarette you use. It is the most dangerous thing to welcoming the cancer in your body.

Cancer is disease which is basically incurable but by medicines it will prolong the time period so my perspective to writing the information to stay away from unhygienic places eat healthy and clean food. Do not use any kind of second hand eatable or drinkable things because you are fully unaware of the other people hygiene and health as well.

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